Tornado® CK 14/1 Pro Commercial Upright Vacuum - 14"

Tornado® CK 14/1 Pro Commercial Upright Vacuum - 14"

Item # 10109500

  • Combines affordability, superior airflow, the benefits of an enclosed bag system, on-board tools, and true HEPA filtration for healthier indoor air quality.
  • Vac motor: 1200 W/10 A; Power: 120V/60 Hz
  • Filtration System: 99.97% at 0.3 micron; Weight: 20.6 lbs
  • Airflow: 120 cfm; Power Cord: 50'; Capacity: 3.8 Qt.
14", ea
Manufacturers Item #98147

The three-stage filtration system includes a unique CleanBreeze disposable filter bag, an intake filter, and a true HEPA filter cartridge as standard. The Clean Breeze filter is an intricate web of randomly spun polymer fibers capturing far more particles and allergens than conventional paper bags. Dust emissions are reduced by as much as 60% over traditional paper filters.


  • With on-board tools, the powerful suction is ready at your fingertips for above-floor cleaning. Flexible, reliable, and perfect for use in a variety of indoor environments including hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools and universities, hotels, reso
  • Designed to contain fine particulate and dust with 99.7% efficiency at 0.3 microns, improving indoor air quality and reducing risks associated with the redistribution of potentially harmful particles and allergens.
  • Ergonomic handle allows for multiple hand positioning.
  • Standard onboard tools that make detail cleaning a breeze.
  • True three-stage HEPA filtration.
  • CRI SOA Silver approval, meeting LEED standards.
  • Sound level that is less than 70 dB(A)
  • No-tool brush and belt replacement.
  • Telescopic wand that has up to 30% longer reach than the competition.
  • Standard CleanBreeze filter bag reduces dust emissions over 60% over paper bags.
  • Productivity per hour: 2,857 sq ft.